Matchup is a modern recruitment portal that simplifies and automates the recruitment process by matching candidate and company profiles using advanced matching algorithms, charts, video clips, audio files, social media, online chat, graphical representation of available and needed competencies

Step 1.
Create your profile

Simply fill in your profile using Matchups graphic settings.

Step 2.
View matchnings results

Matchup gives you a overview of the results in order of priority.

Step 3.
Take direct contact

Start the introductory interviews directly via Matchups videochat.

Matchups users are candidates & companies in Data/IT that is seeking each other

Who is a candidate?

What is a company?

- a jobseekers - an employer looking for staff recruitment
- those who want to create a stylish online CV and distribute to others at application deadlines - a company seeking leased staff or consultants
- a self-employed seeking an assignment - a recruitment company
- a company wants to find assignments for their employees and
get a holistic view of the company's combined expertise of marketing
- an job agency

Matchup visualize, measure and match competencies between candidates and companies. A candidate can share their interactive online resume. Competencies is filled in using the graphically tools by the user, and it is possible to use movie and audio files for your presentation. Matchup find the best matches, and present and compare the results in order of priority. The user interface, which is also available via the mobile phone, supporting today's most modern web technologies for the presentation and communication. Most users appreciate the ability to initiate video calls directly from the web browser for live interviews.


Matchup is free of charge for both candidates and companies


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